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Install and Setup Mutt Email Client on Ubuntu

Command-line email client mutt has a well-deserved reputation as a powerhouse of an email client. It’s fast, flexible and, best of all, surprisingly easy to use.  In this guide we give you Step-By-Step instructions for setting up Mutt email client on Ubuntu using Gmail. 1. sudo apt-get install mutt 2. mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/headers mkdir ~/.mutt/cache/bodies touch ~/.mutt/certificates ….  Read More

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Setup Ubuntu VSFTPD Server

First Install VSFTPD Server – sudo apt-get install vsftpd Then Enter VI or Nano to make changes sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf or sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf  Allow local login capability – local_enable=YES Use this option to give users access to upload – write_enable=YES Use this option to give local users access via home drive – chroot_local_user=YES Restarts Services everything should be working – sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd ….  Read More

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Install Snort on FreeBSD

Step-By-Step instructions on how to Install snort on FreeBSD. 1. Login to your computer as root or elevate to su 2. First we have to compile snort form the ports tree by running this command: make -C /usr/ports/security/snort install all You will be asked about which support you want to add to snort here you can pick MySQL if you are ….  Read More

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Setup Nagios Server On CentOS 7

First load CentOS 7 either on a VM or physical server. After that is done IP your CentOS Server and SSH into the server via ip. Install Nagios by using the following commands 1 . cd /tmp 2. wget 3. tar xzf nagioslogserver-latest.tar.gz 4. cd nagioslogserver 5. ./fullinstall Now that we finished the full ….  Read More

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How To Install The Asterisk Web-Based GUI

Step-By-Step On How to Install Asterisk GUI This should work in any RPM linux based system (Red Hat, CentOS, Federa, exc) Download the latest version source files using svn. (yum install subversion) cd /usr/src svn checkout asterisk-gui cd asterisk-gui ./configure make make install        I recommend backing up your configuration files before you continue. To ….  Read More