Lipani Technologies LLC designs software solutions for small businesses at an affordable price. Founded by Brandon Lipani, Lipani Technologies offers a comprehensive range of software products to help users business with all their business needs. We’re a small family business making software for Windows and macOS. The software that we enjoy using ourselves, that we enjoy working on and that we enjoy seeing being used by others.

Our focuses are on making great software that you buy once. Unlike the cloud where you pay every month for something once you buy this software, it is yours.

In today’s world, Why Pay For Software Every Month?

In business, software should not be a monthly bill you have enough of those every month. We believe once you buy it you own it however we do charge for new features, support, and customization.

Lipani Technologies always strives to make the best software. We are so passionate about software that we are always developing new software and features. For more information please contact us.